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Assessment Centre: Customer Focus Top Tip

Community and Customer focus is just one the seven core competencies you are assessed on when you undertake your police / pcso assessment centre.

Here’s a few tips on ensuring you are heading in the right direction during your role-plays:

  1. How to manage expectations – well you have to first ask what their expectations are: What would you like to acheive from today’s meeting?
  2. How to know if a customer is happy with your course of action – Are you happy with the course of action I am taking to resolve this matter?
  3. If the customer threatens to take their business elsewhere – tell them they are valued and you do not wish for this to happen…

This is just an example of some the quality training you receive when you attend a police recruitment training course with

By David Vidgen

This article has been written by former police recruitment manager. David was responsible for overseeing all police recruitment marketing including assessment centre practice days, recruitment website, adverts and recruitment fairs