Assessment Centre Secrets

Course to Pass Lancashire Police Assessment Centre

Are you due to attend an assessment centre with Lancashire Police? With so few vacancies up for grabs it is likely that you will need to score well above the normal 60% requirement.

Role play and written proposal exercises account for 82% of all available marks during a Lancashire police assessment centre, so it is vital you perform in both of these activities if you are to be successful and meet the 60% required pass mark or beyond.

Attending a course with Police Application will not only ensure that you pass, but it will put you in a good position to score well above 60%. Most of our clients score in the top 4% at assessment centre. We teach you all the skills and behaviours that you are required to evidence on the day – including what to say/write and why, ensuring that you have a full understanding of the process. Places are limited to 8 persons to ensure that you receive the highest possible coaching including one to one role play tuition with the course tutor.

You leave the course with a full comprehensive course manual containing exercises that have been written to test the exact skills you will need to demonstrate during your police assessment centre.

Check out our website at Police Courses for more details.

By David Vidgen

This article has been written by former police recruitment manager. David was responsible for overseeing all police recruitment marketing including assessment centre practice days, recruitment website, adverts and recruitment fairs