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Police Assessment Centres : Advice Concerning the Pre Read Documents

Prior to attending your police assessment centre you will be provided with two information packs. The ‘Westshire Centre Welcome Pack’ is a pre read document designed to help you get into your fictional character ‘Customer Service Officer’. You do NOT need to know this document verbatim, but simply understand that you work for a large shopping mall with many stores, access to the police, customer service officers, and a security team present. It is useful to have knowledge of the ‘Equality Statement’ as this features in two of the four role-play exercises (Evans and Hayes); although present in each role-play room (and during your 5 mins preparation phase) it would be useful to fully understand this statement and have some idea which sections need to be explained to the role-actor.

Another useful page in this document is the written proposal document. Although the document itself provides no real explanation as to why it is present, it is in fact the template document you will use to write your written proposal exercises. Despite popular belief and its presence in many police assessment books, you have NOT since 2004, til at the time of writing this article been required to write a letter of response. So don’t worry about how to layout letters etc.

You also do NOT need to know how many security guards work at the centre, number of car park spaces etc. This is merely background reading to emphasise the size of the centre whom you work for.

The second document known as ‘Information for candidates booklet’ is useful and explains the assessment process in a relatively clear manner. The second half of the document outlines the competencies and their respective positive indicators (albeit not in a user friendly/clear way). In fact, most (but not all of them) are the very skills/behaviours you are being assessed against. For example, one indicator for Community and Customer Focus is to manage customer expectations, exactly how you do this is explained in the two articles below.

Again, you do not need to know this document verbatim, but it should be read and studied so you have at least some understanding of the process. Without question, we do strongly suggest that you attend one of the assessment centre courses run by our Police Recruitment Director and he will teach you all necessary skills and techniques to ensure you meet the required assessment centre pass marks.

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This article has been written by former police recruitment manager David Vidgen.

By David Vidgen

This article has been written by former police recruitment manager. David was responsible for overseeing all police recruitment marketing including assessment centre practice days, recruitment website, adverts and recruitment fairs