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Practice Police Role-Play and Written Proposal Exercises

I have devised a series of practice role-play and written proposal exercises that are available for immediate download for as little as £5.99 each.

These are ideal if you are concerned about the role-play/written exercises and you are not sure how the process works.

Each exercise has been produced to test the same competencies and skills required during a police and PCSO assessment centre. Each role-play exercise contains a full exercise brief, role-actor script and answer marking sheet; this enables you to identify, develop and practice the required skills and gain an insight not only into how you as a candidate must perform but also the role actors behaviour and typical responses. All are designed to test the full seven core competencies (race and diversity, team working, effective communications, problem solving, resilience, personal responsibility, and community and customer focus).

The written exercises also help you identify the skills required, plus each proposal exercise provides you with an example of a completed written (layout etc).

These exercises are available on our new website:

By David Vidgen

This article has been written by former police recruitment manager. David was responsible for overseeing all police recruitment marketing including assessment centre practice days, recruitment website, adverts and recruitment fairs