Course Updates

Army Resettlement Courses – Become a Police Officer or PCSO

Many of our clients are from either the Army, Navy or RAF. Our courses are suitable for those leaving the armed forces and looking for a career in the police service as police officers or PCSO’s.

We provide initial application form guidance and checking – this ensures that your form meets the required standard and avoids rejection at this early state of the recruitment process.

Once your application has been accepted and confirmation that it has met the required standard you are then called to attend an assessment centre. We can then offer you either a one to one assessment centre course, or if you prefer you can attend one of our group sessions that we run throughout the country. These courses are designed to teach and further develop your ability to perform role-plays, written proposals, complete a structured competency interview, numerical reasoning test, and verbal logical reasoning test. We teach you all the necessary skills to evidence your understanding of team working, resilience, problem solving, personal responsibility, race and diversity, community and customer focus, and effective communications. We run over 100 courses per annum and over 90% of our clients pass their assessment centre – our results speak for themselves.

A full 200 page course manual is provided. This provides sufficient material to  practice further role-plays, written proposals, structured interview, as well as practice maths and verbal logical reasoning tests

Full details about each of the courses are listed below: