Assessment Centre Secrets

FREE* advice on how to pass the BTP assessment centre

Existing and previous customers may have free access to the material that is password protected below. To receive your password simply contact us and we will email you the password. The password will only last for 48 hours, then it is likely to be changed.

If you wish to obtain this material, but if you are not a current or previous customer, simply purchase the 28 great application form answers for £10 and then we will also send you the password for the FREE BTP material below. The application form answers will come in handy when thinking about your interview answers.

The material includes:

  • Sample Numerical Reasoning Test – includes formulas and methods
  • Sample Verbal Logical Reasoning Test – includes advice and reasons why answers are either A, B and C
  • Sample interview questions and answers that cover all 7 competency areas
  • 20+ sample answers to the application form – although you have completed this section, our answers may give you food for thought for the interview.
  • Advice on what to include in your presentation, this includes:
  • An outline of the research or preparation you have undertaken for your application for the role of a British Transport Police Officer
  • Why you want to be a Police Officer
  • Why you have chosen to apply to British Transport Police and why you did not choose a Home Office police force
  • How you see British Transport Police differing from Home Office forces in the work you will undertake
  • What you see as the current British Transport Police priorities at a national level and in the area to which you hope to be appointed
  • What specific tasks you expect to be undertaking on a daily basis as a British Transport Police Officer
  • Specifically how you think being a British Transport Police Officer will impact your personal life

Fitness Training

  • A free download of the bleep test

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