Assessment Centre Secrets

Police Assessment Centre MYTHS

Myth Number 1:

You are continually assessed against the competencies throughout the whole day. So even when I am waiting for the next exercise, I am still being marked for team working etc…

Not true – your are only assessed against the competencies in the relevant exercises. The only competency you can be rejected on between exercise is Race and Diversity. In other words, if you come out of your role-play and say “blimey I had a real blonde moment in that exercise” you would receive a D grade in Race and Diversity and be rejected.

Myth Number 2:

I must wear my best trouser suit…

Not true – you are not assessed on your appearance, therefore you do not need to go dressed to impress. A pair of trousers / open shirt is fine for gentleman and for the ladies trousers/skirt and a blouse. Go comfortable, because it’s a five hour + day.

Myth Number 3:

I must say completely different things in each role-play room.

Not true – some role-plays test exactly the same skills. For example in the role-play where someone wishes to discuss a concern, you would ask: Do any other store-owners share your same concerns with security? You ask a very similar question in another: Do any other security guards share your same concerns?

You have different assessors in each room, so don’t be alarmed if you are saying similar things. Each competency is assessed a minimum of 3 times, this means sometimes they are looking for exactly the same skills on more than 1 occasion!

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